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Our Story

‘Koffie’ is the Afrikaans word for Coffee and ‘Inja’ is the Zulu word for Dog. Both are official languages in South Africa, where our founder was born and raised. She moved to California in 2014 with her rescue dogs. Even in some of her toughest days, she knew that she could always rely on a good cup of coffee and her faithful paw pals to lift her spirit, energy and make her smile.

No matter how good or bad your day is going, or how big or small your home is, your dog is always there by your side, loving you unconditionally, and that is a beautiful thing.

We care about senior dogs, because they are often the ones most overlooked and surrendered to shelters. Every year, almost 400 000 dogs are euthanized, most of which are senior dogs. One of the largest challenges facing animal shelters today is the sheer number of animals in need of assistance, but organizations like Muttville and other senior dog rescues are helping to increase awareness. Most senior dogs do not demand the time and attention that a younger dog does, not to mention the companionship and loyalty that comes along with a senior. Koffie Inja hopes to help these amazing organizations continue to increase awareness around adopting and caring for senior dogs. By drinking coffee with a purpose, you can too! 

By creating some of the most unique blends from female and small family-owned coffee farms around the world, at Koffie Inja, we hope to spread positivity and harness the power of community. 
20% of the proceeds from each bag of Koffie Inja will be donated to local U.S. based animal rescue initiatives

Join us on a Mission to Drink Coffee with Purpose!